238 Abbott St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Inaugural Pub Standards! It's a bit like Web Standards, but our only recommendation is to drink beer (/wine/evening beverage of choice) and have a good chat.

It's not cheap beer, because British Columbia is an arse about liquor regulation, and it's not outside, because - seriously - BC's really an arse about liquor regulation. And it may use a questionable community hosting service, because that's how Vancouver organises its events. But it's the first event that this city's had where you can together as random tech people and just sodding drink, and that's a tradition worth importing across 4000 miles.

So turn up, have a pint (or two, or three) and talk about all the fun webby things you're getting up to. (Other topics also permitted.)

Added by biscuits on June 23, 2011



I used to run everything through Upcoming. Then no one had a Yahoo account and everything decent there got sold or mistreated.

Let's make sure the event is on EVERY system. Faceborg!

BTW, rather than creating an entire meetup, I do tend to just put stuff on Plancast AKA the new Upcoming.


lol, yes plancast is the new upcoming or something !!!


wow, feels good to click on the good 'ole "upcoming i'm going button" :-)


I was thinking Plancast, but that seems more aligned to one-off events rather than repeat occurrences, doesn't have a continuing "forum" for communication etc.

It's on here right now because Tradition Dictates, Upcoming Is The Pub Standards Announcer - http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/148676/LONDON/London/Pub-Standards-100/Bricklayers-Arms-Fitzrovia/