415 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria

We've moved Pub Standards Melbourne to the third Wednesday of the month, which means this month you get two!

Official Website: http://melbourne.pubstandards.org/

Added by benbalbo on March 13, 2007



I just love the logic. Can we move it back to the first after this one?


Heh - why not :-)

Actually, isn't that what sub-standards is supposed to be for...



The London Pub Standards crew have set up a pub standards point scoring system using photos on Flickr. Seeing as we still haven't posted any photos, I thought I'd try a upcoming comment method. Simply add a comment containing one of these:

Name:AttendedWhole if you attended the whole evening
Name:AttendedPart if you attended part of the evening (oper an hour)
Name:AttendedHour if you attended for 30-60 minutes

name should not contain spaces, nor shoudl there be spaces either side of the colon. From the start of your name to the end of the duration tag, there should only be letters or numbers (for the name) a colon, and letters (for the duration tag).

If the name is specified as Name, it will be ignored (that way this post doesn't confuse things).