Between College and Dundas, west of Spadina
Toronto, Ontario

Pedestrian Sundays: Celebrating Community, Culture, and Ecology

By regularly reclaiming our streets from the mess of traffic and parking, our neighbourhood enjoys the opportunity to express its character. It’s simple, we remove the automobile and the streets become a cultural playground – an expression of our community’s diverse ethnicity, age and interests.

Pedestrian Sundays are homemade - from the signs, to the music, to the giant piñatas, it’s the human touch that sets these apart from other street festivals. Entertainers play for love not money; from the metal band of the baker’s kid, to the jazz of the world renowned sax-playing neighbour. From movement inspired yoga & capoeira, to cooking and drawing classes, culture comes from behind closed doors and out into the street, delightfully blurring the line between performer and audience.

When we eat, dance, and play in the streets together we’re sowing the seeds of community.
We’re making a statement about climate change, while creating the experience of what a livable city and a sustainable future could be simply by giving walking priority over the habit of driving. It’s a local action that joins a global ecological movement. By hosting a Pedestrian Sunday, a community takes back their common space and celebrates a day of cleaner air.

There is little more heart-warming than the wide-eyed smile of a young child exploring their street without fear of traffic. Watch a couple dancing tango in a passionate embrace where a delivery truck would normally stand idling, or listen to the murmur of daily interactions being interrupted by trumpets and samba instead of a blaring car horn.

Pedestrian Sundays don't permanently change the streets, but they forever change the way you perceive them.

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