800 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta

Public Protest Against Public Behaviour Bylaw Unfairly Targeting the Less Fortunate. Having done too little to create affordable housing and new shelters to accommodate the homeless, the City is now about to fine (up to $10,000) and jail them (up to 6 months) just for existing: for loitering (including panhandling), urinating on public property (no public washrooms outside establishments) and putting their feet up on benches (sleeping outside) when they are given nowhere to go! PLEASE come help us tell Council how unfair this is before they ratify Bylaw 54M2006 on Monday November 20! BRING placards flags noisemakers drums guitars voices HOPE!

Official Website: http://www.housingaction.ca

Added by CalgaryMultiarts on November 15, 2006