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If You're Doing Business Online, Your Creative Assets Are At Risk!

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights: What Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know

A TeleSeminar hosted by The Blog Squad, featuring New York Attorney Jay Hollander

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 6:00 p.m. ET
Registration: $39 includes a CD of the program plus free shipping

Your business and your creative assets are at risk!

Did you start a blog or an online business because you had a great idea for a product or service?

If you did, and if you're like many online entrepreneurs, you spend more time on marketing and product development than you do on securing the intellectual property rights to legally protect your brand and creative works.

Since blogs and online businesses live and die by the value of their intellectual property, this leaves you at great risk of being unable to safeguard some or all of your business' most valuable assets.

What's more, doing business in an online World makes you potential prey to legal rules and requirements that can expose you to huge financial damages if violated. What's an online entrepreneur to do?

You may have the best ideas, programs and intellectual property, but without legal protection, you can lose out to your competitors in a heart beat.

During this teleseminar, you'll learn:

*How to dispel the confusion and common myths regarding intellectual property on the Internet

*How to select and protect a trademark

*How to identify your copyrightable creative works and use copyright law to protect them

*How to identify and protect your company's trade secrets

*How to secure legal ownership of the available intellectual property rights to websites created for you by others

*How to reduce the threat of being sued for intellectual property infringement by you or those who contribute to your blog or website or information products

Register today and reserve your place.

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