530 South State St
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Your neighbors are resisting this world gone mad. Pockets of beauty are everywhere. You?d never know it from watching prime time television, though. Clamor Magazine and Rooftop films are coming to town with tales of sanity.

Come see the world as it ought to be, as told by the people who are making it happen. The contributors to Clamor Magazine [http://www.clamormagazine.org] and Rooftop Films [http://www.rooftopfilms.com] are people just like you, and their filmmaking and writing will connect with what you have always known.

Ann Arbor stop also features folks from Found Magazine [http://www.foundmagazine.com]

Please check the Project Mayhem website to see what is on tap for the evening - looks like a great night of DIY literature and short films!


Added by nerdtech on October 1, 2003



There isn't a price tag on the event, but it may be nice to give a donation. Obviously someone worked to get it together...


Yeah, not sure if there is a cost or not - but either way, if they have a donation for it, that'd be cool, I am sure.


I just found out, admission is indeed free.