Shanghai, Shanghai

The Mission:

1. Wear pajamas in public and get away with it.
2. Freak others out (fun).
3. Freak yourself out (exponentially more fun).

What is Project Pajama Jam?

Project Pajama Jam is an Urban Human Experience in which social identities are reconstructed through environment, self-perception, and good ol' knee-slappin' entertainment.
Why Project Pajama Jam?

If you live in Shanghai, there is no doubt that you've been appalled/amused/bemused by the sight of locals donning pajamas in public. Can someone say culture shock?
Why Not Project Pajama Jam?

On April 11th, we plan to jam that culture. We hope to take one step closer to worldliness (or un-worldliness, whichever you prefer), and you're invited. The project is to descend on Huaihai Park, where locals sporting their best sleeping gear gather to dance, promenade, and liao tiao all night. Jammers are encouraged to bring picnic dinners and bbq grills. Additional gear may include radios and instruments. Accessorize with wigs, sunglasses, lawn chairs, cigars, pillows. This is a free community event, all ages welcome.
The Details:

Rendez-vous Point: The Coffee Bean Cafe, Xintiandi, Shanghai
Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Time: 7 p.m. sharp

Official Website: http://www.badcatpros.com

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Es darf getanzt werden!


If you're running late just find us at Huaihai Park east of Xintiandi!