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This talk discusses the feasibility of applying the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to project management.

Project Management is largely concerned with understanding, coordinating and communicating information about a variety of heterogeneous entities and their behavior to achieve a desired outcome. These are substantially the same attributes defining Systems Engineering which manages technical integration across multiple engineering disciplines.

System Engineering is now moving toward a model based approach for rendering system information. This entails placing those artifacts in a database and expressing them, their relationships and behavior in a semantically consistent fashion. The enabling technology for this effort is the recently introduced open specification called the Systems Modeling Language (SysML).

This approach offers several important benefits, including:

1. Maintainability in a volatile environment
2. Consistency across the system
3. Multiple views into the system meeting different stakeholder needs.

In short, all stakeholders have a consistent understanding of the project: who, what, how, why and when. The expectation is that this approach results in systems having fewer errors and shorter development times.

Speaker Bio

Ted Kahn has been involved with software development for a number of years including recently at Taligent/IBM and Portal Software.Currently at NASA he is working on the manned moon/Mars mission looking at applying SysML to various aspects of the program.

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Free for eBig Members, Guests $10 if pre-registered/$20 at the door.

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