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You want to improve your project success rate, and need practical dos and don’ts you or your staff can implement immediately, but don’t want to pay huge consultancy fees….where do you begin?

This course is a chance for you to learn to use basic and advanced project management tools and techniques, and to tailor them for use on your projects and in your company.

The two-day course involves practical assistance, workshop theory and 1:1 consultancy, aimed to give you the best possible advantage in a highly competitive industry.

You’ll be mentored by a seasoned project management expert, Rob Purdie. With over 11 years experience in the software and web application development industries, Rob has successfully managed hundreds of projects, led project management departments, established Project Management Offices and worked with senior management teams and staff to develop, implement and maintain strategic plans, processes and best practices. Book your place now for an opportunity to learn from him.

How the course will benefit your business:

• by positive, measurable impact on your company’s project management practices

• by helping you to clarify your organisational project management processes and what practical steps you need to take to achieve your goals

• by giving you the tools and confidence for practical implementation, immediately

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