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The Progressive Web Tutorials will feature 8 intensive Web Tutorials on various modern Web technologies, including Dojo, Comet, Prototype, Amazon EC2 and Flex. Registration is now open! Only 100 places available, so if you want to come get your skates on!

All tutorials are very much hands-on, so be sure to bring your laptop if you are coming!

Early Bird Offer - 3 days of Tutorials

* Book on or before April 11th and pay just £700
* Book on or before April 24th and pay just £850

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Monday 11th May 2009

09:00-18:00 INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE FLEX, featuring Peter Elst
During this 1 day Progressive Web Tutorial on Adobe Flex, Peter Elst will introduce you to the Adobe Flex framework, Flex Builder 3 and how you can get started building applications in MXML. Through examples and hands-on exercises we'll give you enough knowledge of Flex and MXML to get started developing your own applications with Adobe Flex more...
Tuesday 12th May 2009

09:00-13:00 ENTERPRISE COMET, featuring Ric Smith
Ric Smith will give a 1/2 day Progressive Web Tutorial on Comet more...
14:00-18:00 DEPLOYING JAVA AND GRAILS APPLICATIONS ON AMAZON EC2, featuring Chris Richardson
Some aspects of Amazon EC2 are very different than a traditional, physical computing environment. In this half-day Progressive Web Tutorial on Deploying Java and Grails on Amazon EC2, you will learn about those differences and how they impact how you handle security, networking, storage and availability. more...
Wednesday 13th May 2009

09:00-18:00 INTRODUCTION TO DOJO DATA, GRIDS, CHARTS, AND COMET, featuring Dylan Schiemann, creator of Dojo
This 1 day Progressive Web Tutorial on Dojo Data, Grids, Charts and Comet is very hands-on, about the applied usage of Dojo to create a simple data visualization web application using advanced features of the Dojo Toolkit. Come and learn the things you need to assemble a great real-time web application with Dojo. more...

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