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Programming for the iPhone

With Apple announcing the billionth app download from the iTunes app store since its launch, Ravensbourne Skillset Media Academy are pleased to offer these new two day practical courses which teach the basics of Apple iPhone developing for native and web-based apps using Objective C.

With thousands of applications in the App Store, there's an app for almost anything. Whether you need to or promote your business, programme or product get organized, attend an online meeting, or work with your files, iPhone offers unlimited possibilities, and because apps on iPhone can leverage groundbreaking technologies like Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, GPS, and real-time 3D graphics, they are truly unique to iPhone.


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Course Content

Recommended for:

Developers working for design agencies and software companies who wish to create Apple iPhone apps from scratch. Delegates should have programming experience to at least an intermediate level or an advanced level in a language such as C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python or similar. Please contact us if you have any queries on pre-requisites. This course is not suitable for delegates with no programming experience.

You will learn how to:

Use the Apple development tools, X-code (Dash-code) and Interface Builder
Develop common types of iPhone applications
Work with table views and navigation
Detect and react to touches and gestures
Do custom drawing
React to system events
Integrate apps with other phone features (Address Book, Maps, Safari, etc...)

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