Cromwell Road
London, England SW7 2RL

Tuesdays 26 January - 16 March
Digital Studio, Sackler Centre

Writing your own computer programs can open up new possibilities and perspectives in art and design. Processing ( ) is an open source programming language for developing visualisations and interactions. While the basics are easy to learn, the language allows for quite complex applications - from generating organic forms and modeling physical systems, to collecting and visualizing data about online social dynamics, to responding to people and objects in the physical world. The first half of this course will focus on the basics of Processing: introduction to the language and its environment, fundamentals of programming, and introduction to object orientation. In the second half of the course, students will develop more advanced applications and will learn how to use Processing in conjunction with cameras and video, sound, the Internet, and Arduino microcontrollers and sensors. The class will emphasize hands-on work. Students will write a number of short programs and will focus on a longer project during the second half of the course. Part of the Decode exhibition programme.

£240, no concessions
To book call +44 (0)20 7942 2211

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