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?Scientific progress is precisely the accumulation of scientific knowledge...?

Professor Alexander Bird will give a public lecture entitled "Social Knowing" at Birkbeck College Philosophy Society on Tues 21st February at 8:30pm.

Professor Alexander Bird is currently Head of Philosophy at Bristol University. Earlier in his career he read PPE at Oxford, having switched from Physics and Philosophy on finding that the latter interfered with his rowing career. He is also Editor of The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Professor Bird has worked widely on the Metaphysics of Science, in addition to his work on epistemology; and on the philosophy of Thomas Kuhn. He has published extensive articles, as well two books; one on Thomas Kuhn and one on The Philosophy of Science - described as "an indispensible introduction to the subject - up-to-date, clear but rigorous".

His current research includes "The Structure and Necessity of Natural Law", "The Epistemology of Science" and "Laws and Natural Properties" - the latter on which he is currently writing a book, entitled "Law and Property".

Professor Bird's style is very accessible and clear, his approach described as "neither scary, nor disappointing or misleading. Rather, it is concise, solid and thorough".

He also enjoys writing and playing music in his spare time.

Abstract: ?Social Knowing"- Professor Bird will discuss attempts to prove that the laws of nature are necessary; that theories are not radically underdetermined by evidence; and that scientific progress is the accumulation of scientific knowledge?.

Professor Bird will be presenting his most recent work to a public audience at 8:30pm, followed by a Question and Answer Session.

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