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Design 2.0 - Discussions on design, strategy and innovation

Products exist in a vast, often-messy environment of services, brands, cultures and competitors. But successful companies are realizing that deliberately and strategically designing products for the context in which they live can result in more imaginative, better integrated, and ultimately more humane offerings. From MP3 players and gaming consoles to kitchen appliances and office furniture, this panel discussion will focus on how to incorporate holistic thinking into product development, creating objects that are not only sensitive to their surroundings, but often define them.

Moderated by Jessie Scanlon of Business Week

Guests: Steve Portigal (Portigal Consulting), Diego Rodriguez (IDEO), Peter Rojas (Engadget), Robyn Waters (RW Trend)

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Small oversight, there's no links to the event info. Where to register, any of that stuff.


I was so into this until I saw the !!$175!! price tag.