307 W. 26th St.
New York City, New York

Shannon O'Neill was named "One to Watch" by Time Out New York

You are cordially invited to the Charlie Sheen Prison, where we are very excited to be presenting our annual talent show. The only talent show starring the criminally retarded and insane. Sit back and stay fully aware of your surroundings, because you will be in the same room as a bunch of fucked up murderers. Four of the prison’s most talented inmates are ready to entertain you, and consider you for dinner.

This is your opportunity to witness evil have the time of it’s life.

WARNING: Do not watch this show if you are allergic to murder or enjoy Leno.

Written and performed by Shannon O'Neill

Featuring Polo Tate and Kat Toledo

Graphics by Matt Mayer

Directed by Will Hines

"Her new solo show, Prison Freaks, is the most exciting crystallization of her unique, occasionally difficult, point of view to date."
- Time Out New York

"Any one of these freaks could fare fairly well in any talent show. That all of these come from the same comedic mind and body is truly freaky. And laugh-out-loud funny."
- TheComicsComic

"In Shannon O'Neill's "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show," the veteran UCB improviser and teacher has compiled a cavalcade of prison misfits so freakish in looks and behavior that they come full circle to funny."
-The Apiary

"The show is 30 minutes of nonstop comedic genius from O'Neill...Prison Freaks showcases a wonderful medley of sketch and improvisational comedy that O'Neill has been honing for the last 10 years."
- The Ticker.org

Official Website: http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/shows/2240

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