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Making the transition from print design to digital in eight hours. Learn the key concepts, the pitfalls to avoid and best practises that might otherwise take years to learn yourself.

For a seasoned print designer, beginning to design for the web or other digital formats can be very unsettling. Suddenly, everything you know about typography and layout is somehow wrong or doesn't quite work any more. You're designing for a page that might be almost any size or shape and has countless possibilities (i.e. incompatibilities) in terms of its display capabilities.

Fear not - what you've learned so far hasn't become obsolete, it just needs rethinking.

This course is designed to allow print designers to bring their skill and experience to digital media by:

● explaining the key differences between designing for the web and designing for print;
● learning to avoid the common pitfalls made by inexperienced or unskilled web designers;
● illustrating best practises for web design projects - soup to nuts;
● showing what usability and accessibility have to do with this;
● allowing you to learn to stop worrying and love the web!

The Tutor
Carol Whitworth is founder and now inspiration and innovation director (recently relinquishing the creative director role to a younger model!) of Home, a communications business based in Bristol, with clients as diverse as Royal Mail, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone and Yahoo! (Home designed the NMK brand identity and original web templates).

Home is 27 years old. It's still independent, successful, and as creative today as it was in 1981.

The fax machine was the beginning of the digital age for Carol, and it has been a steep learning curve ever since.

She will share her worldly wisdom, thoughts, concerns and hot tips in this stimulating, entertaining and interactive session.

Plus: a guest speaker tbc!

Are you eligible for the discount price? Yes, if you have fewer than 10 employees; are a student, freelancer or unemployed; or work for a not-for-profit or a charity. Independent design consultants earning more than £40K are technically eligible, but should take a long, hard look at themselves. ;-)

NB: This course is not about learning Dreamweaver, or other tools. It's about learning to think like a web designer.

Official Website: http://www.nmk.co.uk/event/2009/2/16/print-to-digital-the-design-journey

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