#200 - 252 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1A6

252 E. 1st Avenue

Machines at night, staccato bleeps and crashes. Bass guitar, analog synths, samplers, and electronics. Primes formed in Vancouver, BC early 2004. The two-piece, Jack Duckworth (JJD) and Tanya Pea, will be joined for this event by Vancouver electronic music pioneer Phil Western. The force behind the transcendently cacophonic A Luna Red, and established post-punkers Radio Berlin, Jack Duckworth is also The Wax Museum, designing for bands and labels worldwide. IDM pioneer in the early 90s, Tanya Peas dj sets in underground warehouse parties as Isis have been described as "absolutely stunning, a collection of melodic beats and caustic sonics.". An electronic musician, she appears on the limited edition 111 Locked Grooves 12" featuring the worlds finest techno producers. Starting with collaborations in the early 90's with Skinny Puppy's Dwayne Goettel as Floatpoint, Sir Western has contributed to Skinny Puppy's "The Process" album as well as a regular member of Download and Plateau with Cevin Key. Phil has more recently been actively recording as Phil Western and Frozen Rabbit and is one of Vancouver's most talented recording engineers.
Its got a nice beat and you can dance to it. This is Primes.

Portland quintet, The Gentry, cut a divergent path across genres and movements. Pieces of glam, punk, new wave, electro, soul, psychedelia, industrial, hip hop and rock & roll are sewn together with a pop sense of pomp and precision.

Years ago, a musical genre sprouted from the U.K. called new romantic, defined by such bands as Roxy Music, Depeche Mode and Human League. Today, Vancouver's 16mm is forging a new movement - call it dark romantic. The band's intelligent, infectious, tormented-pop is a far cry from other West Coast acts and is ready to prove that smart is sexy. Founded by main songwriters Matthew Monroe (lead vocals and guitar) and Jeffrey Josiah Powell (bass), they came together with a sense of purpose - to bring character and a sense of sophistication to music, to infuse it with mystery and wonder and genius. Like Prince. Like Jarvis Cocker. Like any true art. Sometimes torment can be good for the soul. 16mm is proof.

plus rave dance party til 4am with ML TRONIK (Monty Luke/Discotronik, San Francisco), JOHN COUGAR (2guerilla/Casbah!) & MORGAN MUFFLER

Doors 9PM - Close 4AM
$10 before 12AM - 15$ after

presented by CASBAH! & friends

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