14785 Belden Town Rd
Belden, California 95915

In a bold move to put more money where our mouth is, DownLow and False Profit are breaking the bank to bring you PRICELESS, one of the most highly anticipated campout parties of the 2006 season. False Profit, known nationally for taking money out of the equation, is raising the bar on its sloganeering campaign in preparation for this year’s Burning Man art projects. “The possibilites, when you bring these two crews together, are boundless, really there are no limits,” said an anonymous of the DownLow crew, who, concerned about their street cred, have asked not to be mentioned in any promotional materials. For those of you who know DL, you already live richly, and for those of you who don’t, throwing out-of-the-way outdoor breaks parties everywhere you want to be is what they are all about.

For more information, see the event homepage.

Official Website: http://www.false-profit.com/priceless

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you guys should give out enron schwag