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See this highly acclaimed cult classic in the making before anyone else.

Much more than a straightforward vampire film, this critically acclaimed Swedish horror is haunting, beautiful and tinged with bitter-sweet moments.

Lonely, bullied and on the precipice of adolescence, Oskar is a kid living in a grim world. Meeting the deathly white Eli, a girl Oskar's own age, a delicate romance begins to bloom, though it is apparent Eli is more than she seems. With a series of gruesome murders, along with the film's washed out colour palette, a dark and despairing world engulfs the two emotionally fragile teenagers. Based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's book of the same name, and much more than a straightforward vampire film, Let the Right One In is a serious take on its subject matter. Tinged with bitter-sweet moments, it has been critically acclaimed both in Sweden and abroad and the chance to see this beautiful and haunting film on the big screen is not one to be missed.

Added by Craig Grobler on February 8, 2009