University of Brighton, Village Way, Falmer
Brighton, England BN1 9PH

Presenting is a key part of being a student. You're assessed on how well you can do it but there isn't that much info on how to do it well. This session was originally developed for internal use at Microsoft and has been revised for an academic audience with the aim of giving you the information you need to be able to present any topic to any audience.

This lecture is organised by the UoB Psychology Society but is suitable for students (of any level) who want some extra insight into how to deliver effective presentations, both with and without a computer. Non-students are also welcome.

Directions to Ringmer House can be found online at

Adam Field is a mature student and secretary of The University of Brighton Psychology Society. Adam previously worked in the IT industry for the past 12 years and spent the last three of them working as a technical author, designing and creating technical content for companies such as Microsoft, HP and Intel. Part of this role involved creating and delivering presentations and webcasts to audiences ranging from 5 to 5000 people, from techies to executives.

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This is a psychology society presentation but students from other faculties and unis as well as non-students are very welcome.


For those not able to attend, this session will be made available as a webcast sometime afterwards and will be available to view on the society website.