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Operating a large application server farm is an expensive proposition. In enterprise data centers it's not uncommon to find that the average server utilization is as little as 10%. The static nature of application deployment and the variable loads typical in web applications mean that IT departments allocate many more servers than are typically needed for any given application. Cassatt's Java Virtualization software integrates with the BEA WebLogic Platform to offer a new style of application management that allows for improved utilization, reduced costs and dramatically improved roll out times for new applications.

Official Website: http://dev2dev.bea.com/pub/e/906

Added by anton on May 2, 2006



this actually looks pretty damn interesting; cassatt is a startup run by a bunch of ex-sun veterans. they have a few interesting products that are worth paying attention to.

some context:

now run that on top of several azul systems... :)


and apparently rich green is back to sun from cassatt... oh the juicy gossip

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