Four Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, California 94111

Presence 2.0: The Rise of Living Social Networks will examine rapidly expanding, hyper-connected social network services, programmable webs and socially-mediated, knowledge-based business activities. New device-based social networks, an IPv6 address space of 3.4×10^38, geocoding, pervasive computing, collective intelligence networks and, above all, the importance of collaboration to everything, has fundamentally and permanently altered they way we work, play, educate, and thrive. Living social networks are making an enormous impact to the environment, wealth and well-being. Specifically, living social networks are becoming critical to all business. They are the critical value paths essential to corporate performance, business excellence and civil societies. For example, live communications such as IM, VoIP and mobile are becoming far more emergent and social. Simultaneously, asynchronous social networks applications like blogs, wikis and email are becoming far more real time.

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Added by jheuristic on November 7, 2007



hey, did this get moved? the web site says Jan 18th.


Yep, moved to th 18th.


FYI - this costs $399.00.


Just checked out the website - wow, 2001 just called - it wants it's web design back. But I digress...

Hmmm other than Kaliya (Identity Woman) and Ross Mayfield (SocialText) I don't recognize any of these speakers...

Almost all of the speakers seem to be from the sponsors - looks like they want $300 to hear a load of vendors talk about their products and services (sorry, I realize that includes Ross - who I does some great work in the community and I appreciate needs to sell his product, but still...).

Oh well, if you're going I hope you get something out of it.


And I thought the *advertisers* were supposed to pay for their commercials, not the viewers...


If I have to pay to help by talking for 15 minutes, I doubt I'll be there

David Peck

Sorry, cant make it will be at MacWorld

Interested 187