2600 E. Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, California 94303

This CMS audit training will address the types of information CMS is seeking, the documentation that you need to have to demonstrate not only compliance, but good faith as well.

Why Should You Attend:

CMS is coming! Whether it’s a random compliance audit or resulting from a complaint, when the letter arrives announcing a CMS audit is coming in 30 days, what do you do, besides panic? What do you do if you are way out of compliance? How can you avoid a finding of willful neglect?
Almost all Covered Entities are likely not in compliance of some aspect of HIPAA to one degree or another, but demonstrations of good faith and intent to comply go along way with auditors.

Attend this 60-minute webinar to learn the basic elements of preparing for a CMS audit. By developing a plan, addressing shortcomings and deficiencies before the auditors arrive and having all the documentation available and up to date, you can survive a CMS audit and live to tell about it.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

- The requirements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules will be presented.
- The requirements of the CMS audit will be explained.
- A framework for creating a Audit Management Plan will be presented.
- The elements of a comprehensive plan will be discussed.
- An annual update process will be discussed to keep the plan up to date.
- The importance of documentation in the audit process will discussed.

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