106, 223 - 12 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G9

Saturday's bitch'n'stitch at Arusha was a success replete with lovingly handcrafted muffins and samosas, but there's still more to do - always. :) We are continuing the work sewing choir robes for the first gathering of the "Church of Holy Consumption" on Wednesday evening between 19:00 and 22:00. We've got at least 2 sewing machines and plenty of scissors, we just need humans with hands and perhaps voices. Depending on turnout and the contribution of music and hymns, we might have a "choir rehearsal", but that will be most likely planned for the following week.

"Buy Nothing Day" is on November 24th, with our action planned for Saturday the 25th.

Join your fellow subversives. Either you're with us, or you're with the shopping mall masses. And that's pretty yucky.

Official Website: http://adbusters.meetup.com/16/

Added by ItzaFineDay on November 12, 2006