444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California


Abstract... Experimental... Glitch. All could be used to describe this next artist, but theres no category that would even come close. In 2 weeks, PREFUSE 73 comes to town with their Avant hip-hop sound that is a cross between the hot buttered soul of the 70s and the Mantronix-era vintage hip-hop of the mid-1980s. 80s throwback Boston-based rapper and DJ, EDAN and DJ NOBODY from LA join the lineup to make this Massive Selector's most eclectic show to date.

saturday, may 20 2006
massive selector, the mezzanine + xlr8r present
PREFUSE 73 + special guests EDAN, DJ NOBODY
at the mezzanine, 444 jessie street, sf
21+, 9p - 4a, $19 presale tix available at massiveselector.com


Employing sharp IDM sensibility to recontextualize rap, Warp artist Scott Herren, better known as Prefuse 73, creates sonic landscapes that utilize multiple genres in a mission to construct the most impressive rhythms possible. Herren has been a household name in the experimental hip-hop world ever since his first platter of modern musique concrete, 2001's Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. This year he released the full-length album, Surrounded by Silence, and a remix EP of acclaimed avant-garde rock group the Books, Prefuse 73 Reads The Books.


Boston's Edan may come off as an obsessed fan-boy of late '80s hip-hop, an acolyte schooled in the furious braggadocio of Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. Stylistically, with his own furiously fast rhymes and tommy gun beats, it's obvious this is where he draws his inspiration from. However, Beauty and the Beat does far more than shout out Edan's personal pantheon or clone their microphone mannerisms. Beauty is a tightly bound effort clocking in at an efficient 34 minutes, with 13 briskly paced tracks that flow with impressive coherency. Edan mines the surreal swirls and moody loops of '60s psychedelic rock. His heavy density of fuzzed-out guitar screeches, dreamy horn wails, and sci-fi sound effects create a unique sonic bed that complements Edan's imaginative (and often non-sequitur) lyricism. Whatever Edan's rhymes may lack in topicality, they brim with style, offering more than clever punchlines and catchy hooks. This is an MC who still appreciates the basic pleasure of wor
d play. --Oliver Wang


ELVIN ESTELA, better known as "Nobody," is a live DJ, an online radio programmer (www.dublab.com), and a producer who's hip-hop roots stem from the LA undeground elite. Nobody, Xololanxinco, who along with 2 Mex makes up the group Of Mexican Descent is from the classic Good Life era of MC's, which spawned the likes of Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone, Bus Driver, CVE, Abstract Rude, amonge many others. Today, Nobody is at the forefront of experimental music world. The "Nobody" moniker refers to Estela's desire not be categorized. His music reflects inspirations that range from avant-garde jazz, abstract space rock, mariachi music, and everything in between. He sites legendary left field artists such as David Axelrod, Brian Wilson ("He heard music like no one else"), Love's Forever Changes, and De La Soul as major influences.

Official Website: http://www.massiveselector.com/

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