2050 Entertainment Cir
Chula Vista, California 91911

Warp's fallen star hits up the casbah for what could be your last chance to hear him mangle his own music as Prefuse. My last 2 encounters with Mr. Herren consisted of him playing eh, the drums, and not particularly well at that, while his entourage twiddled unimpressively with various instruments. A valiant effort to make live electronic music more interesting or to get his buddies laid but not particularly satisfying. Rumor has it that Scott will soon be retiring his Prefuse mantle which becomes less tragic the more stuff he releases.

Grouchy ranting aside, I will be there paying tribute to my one time hero.

$15 adv/$17 day of show

Added by joonspoon on March 8, 2006



hahaha I do concur. However the constant trainwrecking of the last show was enough to turn me off from seeing him live altogether. If only he were always as good as when it was him, a turntablist, and drummer John Herndon from Tortoise. THAT was a classy act.


Now Edan is rescuing this show from the cliff edge of banality! Killer!!


Tickets to the show? Run that sh*@!!


fucking hell. Why do bands i don't want to see have to tour with ones i do? Why, Edan, WHY?

Actually, I've never listened to his album though it's been on my computer for 6 months. Shit.


OK, i give Edan's rap-coated 60s flower-power thing my blessing. But does anyone have any idea how he performs live? Will there be actual instruments on stage? I can't stand watching people rap. twiddle knobs, or posture to prerecorded tracks.


Scott Herren is ill. But what the hell? We just wanna see Edan!!