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As a brief thought experiment, you are invited to participate in a predicting exercise.

A small group of thinkers have been asked to make as many predictions as they want based on powers of ten - 1 year into the future, 10 years into the future and 100 years into the future. These predictions can be as simple or as complex as you foresee and from any discipline.

The day before dConstruct, all of us who are around will meet for an hour or so (location TBD) and read through some of the more interesting predictions. Hopefully, this will be a jumping-off point for further discussions, provoke new in sites and debate.

If you wish to participate, simply submit the form on the event homepage with your predictions.

The plan is to distill the discussion and predictions into a small PDF as a free download, further taking the ideas to more participants.

Much of this has been inspired by a 1900 article from Ladies' Home Journal where they made predictions about the year 2000. There is a scan of the original article as well as a retyped and annotated version. (linked from the event homepage) Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near has also played apart in the interest of how really badly we generally are at estimating.

We'll try and squeeze the meetup in between the dConstruct workshops and the Pre-dConstruct pre-party Burgers! Then on to the dConstruct pre-party..

Official Website: http://predictions.sudabot.com/

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There are 10^1 days left to submit your future predictions!