101 Fourth Street
San Francisco, California 94103

I'm visiting SF for a few days in the hopes of connecting with people who (a) are planning on coming to Gnomedex, (b) I haven't ever met, (c) I've met, but haven't seen in a while, (d) are geeks, just like me, and/or (e) are addicted to FriendFeed / Twitter and wanna geek out together.

I'll be giving away between 5 - 10 Gnomedex passes, for those who would be able to make it to the upcoming conference but have not reserved their ticket yet. So, that's... probably good incentive for you to join me? :)

Even if you won't be able to make it to Gnomedex in Seattle on August 21-23rd, 2008 - I'd still love to meet you at the Sony Style Store in the Metreon.

Official Website: http://twitter.com/chrispirillo

Added by lockergnome on August 11, 2008


Mary Trigiani

Chris, I'm coming to see you. Can't make Gnomedex this year, but I still want to visit! Mary


See you there!


giving the Gnomedex passes away at the sonystyle event? Id love a pass, but wont be in SF for that event.


Omg, I'd love to go to Gnomedex! :-) See you at The Metreon! :-)


looking forward to seeing you in person again - its been too long

JD Lasica

The only question is: Does Sony still have Style?


Aye, that they do - I should bring my Mylo. :)


Chris, just realized this is the same time as the MySpace Lunch2.0 (looks like we've got 150 people + coming).

If you were to move this till after, I'm sure you'd get plenty of spill-over, and of course you could join us for lunch too! MySpace is a few blocks from Metreon.