1700 1st Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98134

As spring sheds her skin into summer, shifting old dreams into new possibilities we invite you to join us for the new rite of spring… Praxis: a Twisted IOSIS Art Party

Shpongle [Tip Records/Coast II Coast Ent.] UK
Hallucinogen [Twisted Records/Coast II Coast Ent.] UK - LIVE
Prometheus [Coast II Coast Ent.] UK - LIVE
Younger Brother [Coast II Coast Ent.] UK - LIVE

Add sets by Osiris Indriya and Amanita, a visionary showcase of art, a special surprise host for the second room and.. you get the idea. Be ready for anything… welcome to Praxis: Twisted IOSIS Art Party.

Saturday, June 16, 2007
@ The Fenix: 1700 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134
9pm - 4am
18+ welcome, 21+ welcome at bar

1st tier presale available for $25
Once those sell out, 2nd tier presale will be $30
Tickets available at http://ticketswest.rdln.com/EventDetails.aspx?evt=54465

“Resist the urge to stay home!”

With over 80 years experience collectively Simon Posford and Raja Ram are more than qualified for the exploration into the unclassifiable music frontiers they have ventured into; ‘SHPONGLE’ is a new world of traditional sounds, acoustic guitars, Moroccan drums, Turkish operatic singing, cello, double bass, backing vocals and silver flute blended together with the computer wizardry of Simon Posford's studio production. Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) has long had a reputation as the, 'Hallucinogenius' a imitable pioneer in sound experimentation, from his seminal first album, 'Twisted', up to his recent Millennium hit, 'Mi-Loony-Um' with its up-to-the minute modem melodies. Raja Ram, is the innovative sonic co-pilot producing alongside Simon and providing inspirational artwork for the album covers and the website as well as his unmistakable flute solo's in C Major. A founding member of the band Quintessence in the sixties Raja has many years of band experience in the music industry. Not only a band member but also the creator of TIP Records along with their infamous party sound and energy, he is not only a brilliant flautist but the inspirational man behind the ‘Shpongle’ concept. Shpongle has been a working project since the release of the first album in 1998 filtered out into the underground in which Twisted Records is so renown for its dance music, having sold 30,000 copies without any noticeable press coverage. Now finally the UK has a chance to catch up on this worldwide phenomena with the forthcoming release of their second album, 'Tales of the Inexpressible' with its further explorations into diverse sound production they are ready to unleash the multiversity that is ‘SHPONGLE’. http://www.shpongle.com

Hallucinogen (live) aka Simon Posford is a pioneer of electronic music and founder of the psy-trance scene. With the release of his first album, "Twisted", which reached Number 27 in the French album charts, a genre was born. There are many words to describe modern electronic music but none that come close to the wealth of emotion and experience that comes from listening to a Posford tune. These days he is just as likely to be entrancing crowds around the globe with a throbbingly epic live set as he is to be dribbling ambient delectations in the Hallucinogen Soundlabs in the West Country. He is co-director of Twisted Records with Simon Holton, ex-label manager of Dragonfly Records. Their label is one of the hottest underground gatherings of talent this side of Mars. Hallucinogen's second album "The Lone Deranger" blew the lid off the musical scene that had built up around his influence. Not only did it have more of the killer musical riffs but also was a feat of clean production and professionalism previously seen with the likes of The Floyd, one of Simon's major influences. Another tune that influenced Simon was "The Age of Love" by Jam & Spoon and this can be heard in some of his earlier releases. More recently he has produced tracks with Benji Vaughan as their band Younger Brother, Simon Posford has completed new sounds with Dub 'Ott' & Hallucinogen and is currently collaborating with the Twisted Allstars and touring the world spreading his music to all sorts. There is talk of a 'Hallucinogen 3' but Simon's most recent album is "Tales of the Inexpressible", his second album by Shpongle. Simon is the musical genius behind Shpongle and for this latest orgy of brain fluid he gathered 4 other talented musicians, as well, of course, as Raja Ram- Druid of Psy.

Producer Benji Vaughan, aka PROMETHEUS (live), is one of Twisted Records' leading trance artists. Joined by Tristan and Hallucinogen, he exists at the forefront of the international trance scene, creating music and playing gigs as "Prometheus" solo and "Younger Brother" -with partner in crime, Simon Posford- in Greece, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Mexico, and Philadelphia so far this year alone. Since the early nineties, he has been creating trance music under various guises and has featured as Prometheus/ Younger Brother on Twisted, Prometheus on Dragonfly, and Cyberbabas with Raja Ram on TIP Records. As a producer, he is well respected in the world of dance music in general, as Contraband for Backroom Beats and JUNK, a house outfit with Joe Williams from The Light/PFN who have been getting play from Sasha, Nick Warren, Steve Lawler, John Digweed, and all the well known house DJs. He has performed remix work for EMI as well as Jive Records and has been producing a new album for The Egg. In addition, he's won several awards, most notably a recent one from Sony for his soundtrack to a Nike advert. However, it is his prowess as a trance producer that he is most famous for, ever since his earliest single, "Clarity from Deep Fog" with Process, right up to "Number Cruncher/ Snakes & Ladders" in which he clearly displays his inimitable pstyle, dancefloor testimony to his skills in the studio and ability to move an audience. His sets at the Samothraki dance festival in Greece and elsewhere have been the highlight of the event as they were in Finland and Japan recently where he played for thousands of fans. Now he's back in a big way with a new album of psychedelic foot-stompers, in "Corridor of Mirrors", available now through Twisted Records' online store. Look out for Prometheus to make a thunderous impact on the trancefloor this year!

Younger Brother (live) is a killer combination of Simon Posford's (Hallucinogen, Shpongle) studio wizardry and Benji Vaughan's (Prometheus) dance music sensibilities. Their first track 'Evil & Harm' which was commissioned for Survival International's 'Tribal Future's' compilation was a powerful ambient world fusion and became the standout track on the first album. The name, Younger Brother, itself comes from their work on this album while remixing samples of the Kogi tribe. The Columbian Kogi Indian's refer to themselves as 'Older Brother' and the rest of the world as, 'Younger Brother' so the name represents the population of the outside world. Following the success of their first album, they are currently 2/3 of the way through the second album and going strong. They will be playing out all this unreleased material in their fantastic, innovative and very much 'live' sets. If you've never heard Younger Brother then you need to know that they know no boundaries, obey no rules and certainly don't listen to their older brothers! This is a unique sound.

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Sound Engineer: LUCID Audio http://www.infiniteconnections.org/lucid_audio
Graphic design by: Osiris Indriya – http://www.osirisindriya.com/design
Art Curator: Teresa Payne - Intense Payne

Twisted Records specialises in electronic music and DJ culture. Some of the world’s top trance acts and DJ's have released albums on Twisted Records: Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Tristan, Prometheus, Younger Brother... Since 1996, Twisted has been building the UK's best independent record label dedicated to electronic music. http://www.twisted.co.uk/home/

Like the final stage in Alchemy, IOSIS Art Parties blend together the power of different worlds and transforms them into something new. Pulsating beats, inspirational sights, scrumptious treats, and visions through light… put them all together and you get IOSIS Art Party the finest international trance music and visual art. http://iosis.tribe.net/; http://www.myspace.com/iosisartparty

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