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Are we naked yet? The internet has changed the way people consume media and information. Today’s consumer is more media savvy than ever before, and they trust their peers more than the press, corporations or elected officials. Self-appointed new media vigilantes have become the influential tastemakers of the day and authenticity, transparency and candor are their currency. Organizations that recognize their authority them are empowering legions of online evangelists to generate viral buzz. Those that have ignored them have suffered from damaged reputations, a drop in sales and in some cases, even been dismissed by their employers. To avoid becoming obsolete in today’s hypercompetitive PR marketplace, tomorrow’s practitioner needs to be as knowledgeable about blogs, podcasts and real simple syndication as they are about distributing press releases and escorting clients down the red carpet at glitzy media events. In this two-day summit, public relations experts and new media pioneers will help you make dollars and sense of the new media communications and PR tools.

Official Website: http://www.communitelligence.com/convergence

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You can RSS subscribe to the conference blog at http://www.communitelligence.com/blps/blg.cfm?bid=69


This conference features the leading lights and pioneers of PR social media, including: Eric Schwartzman
Phil Gomes
Linda Zimmer
Sally Falkow
Jason Calacanis
Jamie O'Donnell
Michael Terpin
Katie Paine
Chris Bechtel
Tim Bourquin
Michael Geoghegan
John Wall
Bill Flitter
Mike Manuel
Ron McDaniel


Stowe Boyd of Corante will be the 1st day keynote luncheon speaker on: "Why can't bloggers & PR people just get along?"