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Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck! Now What?

Loic Le Meur of Seesmic has been giving a presentation over the last few months in which he calls out the weaknesses of Agencies in general and summarizes his case by saying “Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck!” The accelerated rate of change in our economy, social media and traditional WOM demands that agencies adapt quickly.

Is Loic overstating his case?

Where are the traditional Advertising, PR, and Marketing agencies failing?

What new tools and methods are being used to bypass the need for traditional agencies?

What’s next for agencies? What’s next for businesses?

The Panel:

Guy Kawasaki (Moderator)
Louis Gray of louisgray.com
Loic Le Meur of Seesmic (Originator of the refrain: Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck!)
Steve Patrizi, VP of Sales, LinkedIn
Renee Blodgett , Magic Sauce Media

Added by Mark Evans on August 11, 2009