500 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California

Here is an event I'm planning on attending. It should be fun. Pownce is opening up it's doors...no more invites needed.

Pownce party! Pownce will be open to everyone starting January 22nd. No more invites! There's also a bunch of new features, including a new upcoming event page, mobile events, and an improved desktop application. So come celebrate with the Pownce team at Madrone, our neighborhood bar! What's better than Pownce and $2 PBRs? Maybe $1 PBRs...

Official Website: http://pownce.com/leahculver/notes/1146315/

Added by fittorrent on January 9, 2008



What can we do with our extra invites? Anyone need an invite to see the greatness of pownce?


Small note - the bar is actually MADRONE (not 'madrona') Lounge - it's on the corner of Fell and Divisidero. Be forewarned...they make some STRONG drinks there!!


It should be a lot of fun!


I'd love to go but it's pretty far and don't have transportation... sorry!