San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Most people in today's job market are familiar with PowerPoint -
but not all have learned the depth and breadth of what this
versatile application has to offer.
Set yourself apart, starting today, with our compact Advanced
PowerPoint course in San Francisco.

Sharpen both your development and your delivery skills: learn
more about organizing multiple slideshows, setting up master
slides, adding buttons and multimedia effects to your slides, and
saving time by integrating information from other Office

In the comfort of our state-of-the-art classroom, you'll get
hands-on PowerPoint training with how to:

* Centrally control fonts, backgrounds, color schemes,
background images, footers, and more
* Work with a team to develop and review a presentation
* Seamlessly merge presentations, or create targeted subset
* Let your presentation speak for you - literally - by
recording a voice narration
* Save time with automated ways to create slideshows - for
example, from a Word file or a folder of pictures
* Add slick action buttons to play a sound, or run a program
or macro as part of your presentation
* Make your life easier with speaker notes
* Make your audience's life easier with handouts

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