2255 McKinnon Street
San Francisco, California 94124

Belt sanders, circular saws, weed whackers and other power tools compete in drag races. Every year the very best and brightest take to their garages, the plumbing aisle at Home Depot, the tools section of OSH, and the empty lots behind their neighbors' trailers to build THOSE MACHINES WHO REIGN SUPREME! 75 feet of skillfully machined fiberboard Power Tool Drag Racing Track await the competitors on race day! BE AMAZED at the high-tech timing system that tracks Each and Every Vehicle. BE AMUSED at the charming antics of our well-known Power Tool Drag Race Announcers and cheerleaders! BE APPALLED at the smell of RAW ADRENALINE and 20-W-50 in the air! It's redneck fun for everyone.

Official Website: http://powertooldragraces.com/

Added by Danger Ranger on March 22, 2008