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Power Rangers Invite Fans to a Supercharged Celebration of Their
15th Anniversary in San Jose

Kids of All Ages Get Rare Chance to Meet Their Favorite Heroes in Person on the “Power Rangers 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour” While Engaging in Fun Activities and Free Giveaways

WHAT: The Power Rangers are coming to the Bay Area the weekend of October 26th to celebrate with their fans on the supercharged Power Rangers 15th Anniversary Celebration Tour. Spanning 15-markets for 15 dynamic years, the tour gives kids of all ages the rare chance to get photos and autographs with the real-life Power Rangers. In addition, fans at the free events can engage in the following unique experiences:

 A playground of activities, including a morphin’ obstacle course, prize chamber where kids can grab Power Rangers prizes in a wind tunnel, and the official training stage where fans can see and learn Power Rangers moves to defeat the evil space aliens.
 Spanning 15 years of the brand, the “Wall of Legends” historical display showcases the actual helmets worn by each Red Ranger actor from the TV show.
 Unveiling of Bandai America’s limited edition 15th Anniversary action figures and an interactive demo of the new Mega Mission Helmet, which is a wearable Red Ranger helmet that connects to the Internet to download fun role-playing missions.
 Learn how to help Power Rangers secure its rightful place in the National Toy Hall of Fame & Museum (www.strongmuseum.org), the highest honor in the toy industry.
 Power Rangers video game demos from Disney Interactive, and free giveaways including Power Rangers backpacks from Accessory Network.
 For more information about the Power Rangers 15th Anniversary and Celebration Tour, please visit www.bandai.com.

Official Website: http://www.bandai.com

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