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KICKED IN THE HEAD PRODUCTIONS is producing a guerrilla theatre performance event in June.


Yes. Everyone knows there is money here.
Yes. Everyone knows its "pissing jobs here".
But does everyone know about the 13.4% of Calgarians that are currently living below the poverty line?

KITH** is producing a radical guerilla theatre event, to take place in various non-theatrical locations around Calgary over a one day period in early June 2008. The piece of performance art will be composed of a range of short theatrical creations (possibly including some dance, music, and circus) which deal with the issue of ‘poverty in boomtown’.

The event hopes to be a radical theatrical happening aiming to:
• raise awareness about income disparity and poverty in Calgary
• bring theatre to non-traditional spaces
• produce creative collaboration between socially conscious artists in Calgary

The event is certainly ‘not for the faint of heart’ as it will involve bringing theatre to non-traditional spaces…unannounced.

KITH is currently looking for:
• Individuals interested in contributing short works which deal with ‘poverty in boomtown’ (in any discipline of performance)
• Individuals interested in performing others’ works
• Individuals interested in contributing in non-performance tasks

Do you have some original work to contribute? Interested in creative collaboration?
Contact: [email protected]

Interested actors, writers, poets, dancers, new media artists, performance artists, musicians, stilt walkers, fire eaters, rappers, exotic dancers, etc…please contact above.

Want to learn more about the event? Want to contribute your artistic skills? Want to meet cool people concerned about income disparity in our city?

Come to the INFO MEETING.

Added by Grant Neufeld on April 10, 2008