49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

A meet-up for programmers, web developers and designers to discuss and showcase their "£5 apps" - lightweight software created by one or two people who take a simple idea and run with it.

The discussion will range from technical (what tools/languages were used during development) to business (building communities, spreading the word, costs and rewards).

We've been occupied with different projects this summer. So now as the nights start to draw in we have finally got organised enough to run another £5app.

To warm up after the brief hiatus we'll be running a "show and tell" session.

If you have something you've built, that you want to demo for 10-15 minutes please contact us (demo AT fivepoundapp.com).

So far the following demos are lined up:

* Ian (http://ianozsvald.com/) on hacking a receipt printer with an Arduino
* John (http://www.psychicorigami.com/) on creating the "ultimate Arduino doorbell"
* Shardcore (http://shardcore.org/) on the geekery behind his enlightenment machine
* Jon (http://jot.is/) on an either digestly (http://digestly.com/) or another app he's been working on
* Emily (http://emilytoop.com/) on her iPhone app "Who's There?"
* Kyran (http://showmedo.com/videotutorials/?author=8) with some Javascript visualisation demos using webgl
* Mike (http://mikehadlow.blogspot.com/) with Tardis Bank: on-line pocket money banking for kids
* Seb (http://sebleedelisle.com/) on how to be a gameshow host - making Flashy Fortunes with AIR Wiimotes and iPad
* Jay (http://jay.gooby.org/) on predicting the UK's General Election with Twitter

Official Website: http://fivepoundapp.com/meetup/23/

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