49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

This month's £5 App gives you the first chance to see eight new Brighton startups demonstrate their applications.

The demos are all by teams in Bootcycle (http://bootcycle.com) - a new peer support system for early stage startups, based in The Skiff. Each team has been building their apps over the summer and this meeting will be the first time most have been demonstrated to the public.

The demos include:

* Content classification for market researchers
* High value conversions for internet retailers
* Real-time communications for niche interest groups
* Live referrals monitoring for website owners
* Human resources metrics for employers
* Internet traffic management for network owners
* Special interest accommodation for travellers
* Trusted data brokering for web designers

This is your chance to see eight new businesses being born, so we hope you'll join us in giving them a warm, £5 App welcome.

Official Website: http://fivepoundapp.com/meetup/20/

Added by lilspikey on September 14, 2009