13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

A meet-up for programmers, web developers and designers to discuss and showcase their "£5 apps" - lightweight software created by one or two people who take a simple idea and run with it.

The discussion will range from technical (what tools/languages were used during development) to business (building communities, spreading the word, costs and rewards).

This is the 5th £5 app meet.

Tom Hume (http://futureplatforms.com/) will be talking about:

"The Gritty Realities of running a software company:
a reasonably warts-and-all discussion of the last 7 years of FP, rounded off with a showcase of some of the more ludicrous stuff we've managed to persuade people to pay us for."

Official Website: http://fivepoundapp.com/

Added by lilspikey on July 13, 2007



Hope someone drops out so I can attend ;)


Well we *might* just be able to squeeze you in :-) Is there a numbers cap on this event Danny? Do you mind if we open up some more spaces?


Just upped the numbers to 35

Jim Callender

could someone let me know if there are any cancellations? txt: 07888 701 588. thanks! Jim C


Jim - ignore the 35 limit, feel free to turn up,