13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

A meet-up for programmers, web developers and designers to discuss and showcase their "£5 apps" - lightweight software created by one or two people who take a simple idea and run with it.

The discussion will range from technical (what tools/languages were used during development) to business (building communities, spreading the word, costs and rewards).

This is the 3rd £5 app meet.

This month Dan Glegg (http://angryamoeba.co.uk/) will be talking about developing Tails, (http://www.tailshq.com/) Angry Amoeba's web-based bugtracking application. To quote Dan:

"We’ll be talking about the project from conception to platform, our experience running an accidentally-social beta programme, our approach to the user experience and how we use open source software to virtually increase the size of our development team from 1 to 1,000. We’ll also have some exciting announcements about the service."

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a different talk to the one Dan is giving at the geek dinner. The talk Dan is giving at the £5 app will be concerning "Tails", whereas talk at the geek dinner will be on "socialisation of frameworks and patterns".

Only one talk this time around, so instead of the second talk we will be giving people an opportunity to "pitch a £5 app" - basically a chance for people to throw out an idea and get some feedback. Possibly also as a way to recruit a few willing bodies to their cause!

So far we've got about three pitches lined up. One for Danny's "StripMe", Neil's "Art-Hole" and tentatively one other "social pizza" site.

As usual Ian and John will be providing beer and soft drinks. As the ginger cake went down quite well last time John may well set aside some time for baking too.

UPDATE: please make sure you un-attend on upcoming if you can't make it - there is an exhibition on display at 13 Brunswick square and space is more limited than normal.

Official Website: http://ianozsvald.com/

Added by lilspikey on May 21, 2007



Can't wait. By the way there's a couple of dozen beers still here from last time.


Yep, it'll be another good'un, especially with your StripMe talk, Neil's pitch for his art-via-flickr idea and several other stand-ups that have been requested.
We'll have more beer and cake,


Will Dan's talk be different to the one he gave at the Ruby User's Group meeting? (I can't make the SGD so it doesn't bother me if it's the same as that :-) )


Dan's talk for the £5 App is definitely different from his Sussex Geek Dinner talk. I don't know his plans for the Ruby group but it'd be madness to cover either topic at this third-event-in-a-row, given the overlapping audiences...I'd guess he'll cover Ruby-specific stuff at the Ruby night.

Don't forget that half our night is for Dan's talk (about 45 mins) and the other half for £5 App pitches, there are 3 or 4.

We'll be looking for feedback on the pitches and maybe offers of collaboration (especially for the Art-Hole idea by Shardcore, that's already starting to move).


Paul - totally disregard my comment above...I thought you were saying that Dan was talking at the next Ruby event (he's not!). Doh!

So - in correct answer to your question - he's definitely talking about different stuff at our event from the talk he gave at the *last* Ruby event ages back.

Sorry about that, long days...
ps. Dan gave a good talk last night at the Geek Dinner, he's a good speaker


Thanks Ian.

For anyone else reading this: I think Dan's a good speaker, he was entertaining at the Brighton Rubyists meeting, I've just got a lot to fit in this week and didn't want to go to his bit if I was going to hear the same talk again.

If you've not heard him speak and were put off in any way by my comment: don't be, come along!


Looking forward to my first £5 app meet.

Saw Dan speak at the Sussex Geek Dinner earlier this month - very good speaker and very knowledgeable.


Andy, want to see if StripMe's pretty?