1101 Shoreway Road
Belmont, California 94002

Due tot he overwhelming interezst in getting out of the city in time for the parades, we are hanging out in the city. If you are interested in joining Shannon and I for brunch, give us a call. 650 5 DELUXE, yes - that is the number.

Official Website: http://www.supernova2007.com

Added by sdickert on June 18, 2007



Is that 11pm or AM?


sounds promising...


Hey since the response so far is mostly from people from SF or the East Bay want to move to a venue closer to the city? Ping Sanford or I this morning if so...


I'm still going to Hobee's with the wife.


Have fun!


The Salad Bar and Pancakes were very good... Wired on Coffee and Spiced tea.!
Hope to meet all folks soon. This is a great tool for making new friends and getting more into software engineering / blog / sites / cool things.