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From Frank Warren at Post Secret:

am really excited about this special PostSecret Event at USC. I will be sharing some of the inspirational and funny stories behind the secrets; showing and talking about the "secret secrets"; and revealing a secret I carried for most of my life. There will be a book signing afterwards.

I also hope you will bring your secrets to share.


This event is special because we will be making a "PostSecret People's Documentary". There will be four students filming the event and you are invited to participate too! Before the event, videotape your classmates secrets, tape personal stories about secrets, tape your conversation to the event and during your trip home.

When you finish, bring your footage (on MiniDV, HDV, CD, DVD, whatever) to the Office for Residential Education located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union on campus -- make sure it's addressed to Matt MacDonald. If you are unable to make it to campus, e-mail Matt at [email protected] to make arrangements. Once we have the footage, we can then create a documentary using everyone's contributions, secrets, humor and creativity.

If you have questions, comments or ideas please contact the project leaders -
Matt: [email protected]
Ava: [email protected]

I hope you have fun with this ideas and I encourage you to get creative with it. Please help us spread the word on campus.

see you soon,


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