St James's Park
London, England SW1A 2BJ

This is an event for anyone who was involved in the Flora London Marathon 2009 (ie you ran it, helped out at it, have some connection to it) and also has a presence online. Ostensibly a 'tweetup' (a meetup for Twitter users), but if you have a marathon blog or similar you're welcome to come along too.

We'll start off in St James' Park with a picnic. Let me know what food you can bring along, we don't want to end up with too much of one food and not enough of another!

Later on we'll aim to move on to a pub or other local venue for those who can only make the evening :)

Any questions let me know!

Added by bekibutton on May 5, 2009



Looks exciting! It's the day after I move into my new flat... so might be able to show my face for a quick drink and chat about stuffs.


I could bring some homemade potato salad. I used to be quite good at making that!