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Following lunch, we'll first review our mission, which is to help transform the global social system by: 1) establishing a new purpose for our society – that is, to promote the common good, foster personal and community empowerment, and protect the environment. 2) reforming our institutions, our culture, and ourselves to serve that purpose. Then we'll evaluate options for action, including: a) Transforming the Democratic Party b) A Community of Home-Based Teams c) A Million Member Monthly Mobilization d) Community Dialogues with Elected Officials e) Post-Election Debriefings Then the participants will develop action plans. If need be, we'll form small groups composed of individuals interested in working on each action to set a time and place to meet later. For more info on the options for action, see my blog, where you can submit suggested changes and additions to this list by Oct. 30. The planning committee will try to incorporate your suggestions into the materials that are posted and distributed beforehand so participants can read, discuss, and reflect on them. To read the rationale for this event, see "Post-Election Workshop" on my blog. Endorsed by: Paul Loeb, Ronnie Dugger, Marilyn Fowler, Eric Mar for Supervisor, Network of Spiritual Progressives, Rev. Glenda Hope, Peter Gabel, Michael Wong, Mary Nicely, Sherry Fuzesy. This workshop is being planned by a committee consisting of: Roma Guy, Wade Hudson. You are invited to convene a similar workshop in your town or city, whether in someone’s home or at a community center. If you do, we encourage you to "create an event" with "Post-Election Workshop" as the event name and your town or city in parenthesis. To endorse, comment on my blog. To register, RSVP.

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