54 north orange avenue
Orlando/Daytona Beach, Florida 32801

Portugal the Man is a soul/progressive/grime trio from Wasilla, Alaska. Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental band from Chicago. It would be tough to imagine that a band would be able to develop its own unique presence and innovation with such solid groundwork in the instrumental genre. However, Russian Circles does bring something new to the table. Their songs feel incredibly narrative and linear. There is no angular flash or mathematical flair. These songs stream through themes and by no means build on just one repeating idea. They are gargantuan in scope. They flow seamlessly from beautiful soft ambience to truly defined melody to massively thick heaviness with a gradual progression that never leaves you lost. Variety is no gimmick and they are a band that does not just vacillate within an achieved sonic identity. The Only Children is the latest project from Heidi Gluck, formerly of The Pieces and Juliana Hatfield's band Some Girls. The Only Children has a sound inspiration clearly hailing from the likes of Neil Young, Lightnin' Hopkins and even bands like The Band, Fleetwood Mac, Guided By Voices and Modest Mouse.

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