107 SE Washington St., Suite 520,
Portland, Oregon 97214

People of all levels of interest around Wikis - expert to curious - are welcome to this open house of Wiki on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the AboutUs offices.

***Note that the doors of the Olympic Mills Building, where AboutUs is located, are locked at promptly at 5:30, so look for a note on the north-side door with a phone number to call if you are locked out.***

Discussion is informal and takes a collaborative flair. It’s a good place to meet people from all walks of life, who make wikis, are in communities that use them, can help you figure out what a wiki can do for you, and for you to discover wikis in general.

The atmosphere encourages just hanging out to chat and generally cavort with a group of like-minded about open sources and community. It’s a monthly celebration of wiki community in Portland, the birthplace of the wiki.

Portland wiki planning and development can be found at the Portland wiki page http://pdx.wiki.org/Main_Page . Portland Wiki Conference page.

If you're not located near Portland, there are several other Wiki Wednesdays

(http://pdx.wiki.org/Other_Wiki_Wednesdays)around the globe you can attend.

Added by pdxsays on January 30, 2010