915 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Come play at our monthly game of werewolf at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. Check out the site for details (http://www.portlandwerewolf.com).

If you are planning on coming and want to play please respond with "attending". That way we know who is coming and you are guaranteed to play.

Ticket Info: Donations appreciated, for the room rental.

Official Website: http://www.portlandwerewolf.com

Added by PortlandWerewolf on May 6, 2009



:( I'll be on a plane coming home from SFO.


Bummer. I'll be in SF. Have fun.


Ok lets get this straight, I am a villager, no matter how much I salivate over a nice steak, I am a villager.


But the moment you touch your smart phone while the village has an infestation, you are a werewolf.

Mr Jonny

Stumbled across this through a random mention... and if you don''t mind a random stranger joining you then I'm in! Nothing goes better with beer than lies, deception, and manipulation!