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Paul Anthony shares how he turned a dorm room idea in 1996 into a business that went on to invent "sonic branding" and change the rules in a music industry that is known for being set in its ways. Its Music Licensing Store makes it easy for anyone to pay artists for use in podcasts, web videos and more.

Check out Rumblefish:

Read the 2005 Inc story on Rumblefish:

Then join us downtown at Oracle on the first Wednesday in May to learn about this Portland success story.

Official Website: http://pdxwi.com

Added by duvander on April 15, 2009



Watching the credits for The Wrestler I noticed two songs from Rumblefish were featured. Pretty cool. You could put one of the songs in your videoblog for five bucks:


Was watching the credits for The Wrestler your "one thing' for the day?