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We all get into this business because we love the Web. It's easy to overlook some important things, like covering yourself legally, and setting yourself up to be in the best position with the IRS.

Just in time for tax season, the Web Innovators has *attorney Kevin Spence* and *accountant Lynn S. Hoyle* to give general advice and answer your questions.

Should you be an LLC? LLP? S-Corp? Just how much of your studio apartment can you write off when you work on the couch? Is it okay if you just swipe someone else's privacy policy or terms and conditions?

Find out the first Wednesday in March.

Official Website: http://pdxwi.com/

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Do you have specific law or tax questions that you would like to see addressed at this meeting? Please post them here (no private information, please) and our speakers will make sure to prepare accordingly.


When I form my company do I need to file a Charter Agreement (“Articles of Organization”)? Do I need an Operating agreement? When? Why? What are the critical things to consider when drafting these? Do I actually even need a business license?

What do I need to know about protecting myself if I solicit investors? Can I accept investment from just anybody? What if my investors lose money?

If I have several projects, a bunch of websites that I hope will generate revenue, should each be established as a separate business? Subsidiaries? What are the tax and legal considerations?

Should I hire a part-time employee or an independent contractor? How do I prove to the IRS that my independent contractor truly is?

How can I write off my vacations, computer, car, meals with potential customers? Burning Man is a business-related event, right?

A friend is helping me by doing some of the graphics and SEO on my site. We're good friends so he's not charging me. If my site becomes the next Facebook can he sue me for half the value of the company?

What things should I be considering that I don't even know about?


Finding a good lawyer or accountant? How to choose?

Raymond Brigleb

Just to note: the doors here lock at 6PM, so you'll want to go to the South side of the building (on Washington) and beep Suite 265 from the door. We can't buzz folks in, but we will get the call! We'll also be checking every so often to make sure no-one's stuck out there.


Should I get business insurance? If so, what's a good amount of coverage?


Due to space concerns, we're moving upstairs to the AboutUs office in suite 520.

Come early to AboutUs for Wiki Wednesday, starting at 5:30:


Changed location officially at the top of this event. This is the same building as Needmore Designs, but more space.


Hope it's not too late to add a couple of questions:

How to define, protect, and share IP. Can someone own or protect an idea? Where is the line drawn with abandoned domain names and executing on the same idea?

What are the dangers of "good faith" collaboration among peers without the exchange of consideration (aka money)?

How should you handle business income as a freelancer.. pay yourself a salary, withdraw money whenever you need it?


what are common/popular or little-known tax writeoffs that a sole proprietorship can use? the usual tech consultant has few expenses beyond a cafe tab and a laptop.


If I donate money to charity and publicize it on my website, can I write it off as a marketing expense?