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Our friends Scott & Al at the Olsen Group are doing sales trainings hosted by the Beaverton Chamber, free for members, $5 for attendees. Twice a month on Wednesday mornings for the next 3 months.


They're early in the morning (7:30 am), but if you need a jumpstart on sales skills/efforts, it can't hurt. We will take the MAX up together, if you'd like to join us, meet at Old Town NedSpace (117 NW 5th) at 6:40 am. We'll take the 6:53 am Blue Line MAX.


We'll have sales-entrenched conversations both on the MAX ride there and back as well, so if you need some creative inspiration on all things revenue, please feel free to come along.

Session 6: December 16th - Closing those deals!

Speaker- Al Nodarse, Principal at The Olsen Group

Snapshot- Most people struggle on how to guide a prospect “over the edge” to say YES! There is a true science and art in knowing exactly what to say “word for word”. We will teach you how to get comfortable with asking for the order.
What you will learn

* The art of closing.
* 5 step process to handling an objection.
* Popular closing tactics.
* How “not to have to close”.

Official Website: http://www.beaverton.org/chamber/committies/businesmattersseriesinfo.html

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